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If you'd like to request for rights on this wiki, you're in the right place. AJCW follows a system on earning rights and is pretty simple. Everyone in the community gets a say and a vote.

Asking for Rights

Review which rights you would like to recieve below, make sure you understand the basics and the concept of the rights. You have to be sure that you'll use these rights in your best way possible in supporting the wiki. Keep in mind that requests for certain rights are constantly open or closed so please be aware of which rights are available. Earning rights means you're a member of AJCW staff, so please act responsibly.

Ask for rights by clicking the Request Rights button in the desired section of rights. This will direct you to a page where you can request and fill out the form for your rights. After you have done so, an admin will approve your form, and the community will vote on whether you become a staff before through the voting system: Support-(support), Oppose-(oppose), and Neutral-(neutral).

While anyone can apply for rights if they meet the requirements, staff withholds the right to go through your contributions, check to see if you're capable of being a staff member, and may decline or approve your entry form.

You can view how many mainspace edits you have by searching your user name in the edit count function.

Right Revamps

Rights Revamps are held every 4 months. They are often found in the News and Announcements thread and are held by admins. The revamps usually last a week before closing. The community votes on whether to Support-(support) or Oppose-(oppose) a user remaining with their current rights. Usually, staff spots are open after and promotions are held, but otherwise, promotions are held whenever it's needed.

Usually highly trusted and experienced users recieve the bureaucrat rights. It is rare for someone to be granted these rights.

Bureaucrats are one step higher than administrators, they have the ability to give other rights to users and demote rights from other users. They also can right themselves. These rights are the hardest to earn, since they cannot be demoted by another user. This position is usually only given to users who have consistently demonstrated dedication to the wiki and common sense when dealing with day to day matters on the wiki. The bureaucrat has to demote themself if voted for demotion on a Rights Revamp.

Find the current bureaucrats here. The color code for bureaucrats is orange.


8 months of wiki experience

2,000+ mainspace edits (this requirement may not count)

Status: OPEN

Request Rights

Like stated in Bureaucrats, it is difficult to earn these rights. Being a trusted user and a community contributer is one way you can earn these rights. It is rare that someone is granted these rights.

Admins have the most abilities out of all of the staff. They can lock (protect) pages in three levels - available for all to edit, available for just registered users to edit, and restricting editing to only other administrators. Administrators are able to access Theme Designer and change the colors, wiki wordmark, background image, and favicon. Admins can also block users - therefore earning the responsibility of keeping the wiki safe from vandilism and users who break the rules. They can also edit the MediaWiki page.

Find the current administrators here. The color code for administrators is blue.


6 months of wiki experience

1,000+ mainspace edits

Status: CLOSED

Request Rights

There are 2 types of moderators. Content moderators and discussion moderators. Each type of moderator have a specific job. Moderators are trusted users who have experience with page monitoring.

Content Moderators

Content Moderators keep the wiki's pages organized and cleaned up. They remove spam and vandalism, close threads, delete comments, message wall threads, and respond to specific complaints. They are also granted rollback rights (Users with the "rollback" tool are able to undo bad edits with one click, by using the rollback link on diff pages, user contributions list, or the list of recent changes.) in order to efficiently remove vandalism. They have the duty of reporting vandalizing users to admins.

The color code for content mods is red.

Discussions Moderators

A Discussion Moderator's job is to look after threads. Their job consists of dealing with inactive threads, closing/re-opening threads, moderating chat, deleting blog and article comments, managing forum boards, highlight/unhighlight threads, and removing/restoring threads from other users. Discussions Moderators are users who have additional tools available to manage conversations in various features across the community where users are having social discussions.

The color code for discussion mods is lavender.

Find the current moderators here.


5+ months of wiki experience

300+ mainspace edits and 250+ Board Thread edits for Discussions Moderator

500+ mainspace edits for Content Moderator


Content Moderators: CLOSED

Discussions Moderators: OPEN

Request Rights

Chat Moderator rights are available to anyone who is willing to help monitor chat. The staff is constantly in need of more chat moderators, due to more and more misbehaving users in chat.

Chat Moderators have to be active in chat. They are granted rights that give them the ability to kick and ban users from chat. They have the responsibility of keeping the chat safe and free from users that break the rules.

Find the current chat mods here. The color code for chat mods is green.


2 months of wiki experience

constantly + active on chat

Status: CLOSED

Request Rights

To find more information on User Rights, please visit here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the existing staff.